Check Out The Harvard Gazette Slideshow on HAH!

Back in July, Harvard Gazette (and Boston Globe) photographer Jon Chase arrived at Studio BC at WHRB on Saturday morning, and snapped a bunch of photos.  Larry Flint turned up, as well as Buck MitchHAH in Gazetteell, and erstwhile Nashville (now back in Maine) country singer Mike Preston—they were in town for a benefit Robin Right was putting together for Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan.  Mike sang a couple of tunes, and Jon captured the unexpected summer gathering for posterity—visual, anyway; the audio blew away over the airwaves.

The plan, according to Jon, was for an article on Hillbilly at Harvard, but at some point that became a ‘slideshow’.  The Gazette is now an online publication (except for Commencement Week), so a slide show becomes a real possibility without anyone turning pages.  Jon wrote an introduction, and paired up his photos with our opening theme (“Foggy Mountain Special,” of course), which he had recorded off his radio at home.  It wasn’t the same date, so you’ll hear me announcing the imminent arrival of Jim Rooney, who doesn’t look at all like Larry, Buck, or Mike—a minor incongruity that will go over the heads of most viewers.

Aside from the images of the “39 and Holding” DJ, which he always finds unsettling (a more pedestrian reason for “I Never Go Around Mirrors”), Jon did a fabulous job.  It’s a great way to inflict HAH on the thousands of Harvard folk who may not be aware of this bastion of honky-tonk country and bluegrass in their very midst.  Here’s the link:

Take a look; read Jon’s introduction, and watch the slideshow (just two minutes), and add your click to the count. Links via your favorite ‘social media’ will help, too. /CL

PS You can see more of Jon Chase’s excellent work here.

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4 Responses to Check Out The Harvard Gazette Slideshow on HAH!

  1. rakopel says:

    Frightening isnt it?? I remember when we both had black hair. BTW, that doesnt look like a church key to me.

    [Good eyes, Rachel! It’s actually a bottle opener. Not from undergraduate days, either. But we have to give Jon a little poetic license. /CL]

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  4. Diane Keenan says:

    Great slide show, getting a glimpse of what goes on at HAH behind the radio. Thanks for all you do, Cousin Lynn. Diane from Peabody. P. S. Stay safe!

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