Thyroidectomy Update

Endotracheal tube (from Wikipedia)

“I’ll be back on April 5th, for sure.”  That’s what I said.  But “The best laid plans. . .”

While Dr. Randolph says my vocal nerves are fine, and while his (expert) attack on my neck is healing up, I’ve still got a very sore throat, painful cough, and hoarse voice.  I think a virus may have exacerbated the damage from the endotracheal tube, though that’s not an official medical opinion.

So after much fence-sitting, I’ve decided to take another Saturday off.  But never fear: you’ll still be treated to (almost) “Four hours of the very best of that good old-time, down-to-Earth, country music”—and less talk!

I’ll put some of the calendar notices I get by email on the Country Calendar Page, so go there to see what’s happening.  And I’ll be back on the 12th, for sure!

Special thanks to David Elliott for putting these pre-recorded shows together. /CL

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2 Responses to Thyroidectomy Update

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  2. Mike Eisenstadt says:

    Hope to hear you live next week.
    [Well, I made it this week. So next week should be OK, too. /CL]

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