Lightning Struck Twice

UPDATE: Snopes has also declared the video a fake, and includes a demonstration video that shows how it  was done: Double Trouble.


There’s a YouTube video getting some currency, showing a fellow hit by lightning twice in a couple of minutes.  Astonishingly, he gets up and walks away each time:

It’s almost certainly a fake, as he wouldn’t be getting up after a direct hit:

But that reminded me of a recitation by Curtis Leach we used to play back when the WHRB studio was in the basement of Memorial Hall.  It was called “Lightning Struck Twice.”  Unfortunately, the single disappeared many years ago.  But to my delight, some enterprising fellow has posted it on YouTube: has an article about Curtis Leach (just click on that link).  From the article:

. . . Dewey Groom, owner of Saran Music publishing company and Longhorn Records mentioned to Mr. Cooper that Bobby Bare was going to record three tunes written by Curtis – “Big Railroad Man”, “Two Sinners”, and “Lightning Strikes Twice”. It was said that Tex Ritter was set to record a tune called “Ginny Pour The Wine”, said to be a gunfighter ballad.

One of Leach’s first recordings was a tune he did called “The Highway Man”. He was co-writer on two tunes that Phil Baugh recorded on Longhorn Records as well – “One Man Band” and “Country Guitar” – sharing songwriting credits with Phil Baugh.

All told, Texas Jim Cooper mentions that Curtis Leach left behind about 20 recordings. Ten of which originally appeared in a Longhorn LP which was titled “The Indescribable Curtis Leach” – which summed up the difficulty they had coming up with a title for the album.

On December 14, 1965 in Mesquite, Texas, the musical career and life of Curtis Leach came to a tragic end and many are left to wonder what may have been if he had lived on.

His death was even reported by the New York Times, via UPI. The article reports that he was stabbed in his left leg. The cut severed an artery and Mr. Leach was said to have died on the way to the hospital. The article noted that no arrests had been made at the time.

Dewey Groom noted, “I think his name will be immortal, like that of Hank Williams. Curtis was a genius and left enough writing to take care of his children.”

Mr. Cooper also tells the readers that other notable songwriters such as Willie Nelson and Hank Thompson felt Curtis was “…unique as a master of the musical word.”

“Lightning Struck Twice,” but only once for Curtis Leach.

Hat tip to Paul F. and Sam3 on the MacResource Forum for the lightning-video hoax and the Live Science link; and to Speedy for the Snopes Update above. /CL

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