Off to Maryland for My Mother’s 100th Birthday

My mother, Mildred Appelbaum Joiner, as a teenager (date uncertain).

My mother, Mildred Appelbaum Joiner, as a teenager (date uncertain).

Hillbilly at Harvard will be pre-recorded this Saturday (the 18th), as Dr. Janie and I will be heading south Thursday morning, to join with other family members to celebrate my mother’s 100th birthday.  Her eyesight’s unhappily gone, but she still listens to the radio (classical music and opera), and is still pretty articulate, especially when you get her talking about growing up in her immigrant family from Minsk (Belarus); she was the youngest of eight siblings, seven sisters and one brother.  She likes to say that there were three important events that distinguished 1914: “World War I began; the Panama Canal was finished; and I was born.”

We’ll be taking on Amtrak’s Northeast Regional Train No. 93 to Washington, DC’s Union Station, returning on Monday the 20th on No. 164 (for those who keep track of such things, 164 is the weekend version of 174, but is running Monday because it’s a holiday: Martin Luther King’s birthday).  Why am I burdening listeners and readers with such trivia?  Because you never know—there might be a railfan amongst you!

Thanks to WHRB’s indefatigable David Elliott for mixing and matching the pre-recorded hours so they’ll be fresh.  You may have heard one or two in the past, but it was probably a good while ago.

Amtrak AEM-7 electric motor no. 944 pulling Northeast Regional Train 93 southbound into the Route 128 station, 10Oct13. We’re taking the same train this trip. (Photo copyright © L. E. Joiner 2013)

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