Ray Price, 1926 – 2013

Another country legend bites the dust.  Could we have imagined losing George Jones and Ray Price in the same year?  (Not to mention Cowboy Jack Clement and Tompall Glaser.)  Larry Flint has offered to help with a tribute; this week is the HAH Christmas Extravaganza, but we’ll spend some time with Ray and his rich musical career in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, here is Bill Friskics-Warren in The New York Times (hat tip Louis in NYC):

Ray Price, Groundbreaking, Hit-Making Country Singer, Dies at 87

And here is Chuck Dauphin in Billboard (hat tip Gordy Brown):

Country Legend Ray Price Dead at 87

Chuck Dauphin ends his memorial with this:

Ray Price was one of country music’s last living links to the days of Hank Williams and 78 RPM records. Whether it be a shuffle, a Bob Wills swing tune, or a sentimental love song with a string section, he did it all — and did it all very well. He will be missed, but his music will endure.

Indeed it will.  We play Ray all the time.  It still sounds as fresh as ever.  Just listen to this classic (written by Bill Anderson):


UPDATE: Larry Flint will be in Saturday January 4th for an on-air tribute to Ray Price, an important part of Larry’s life and music since he was young.  Tune in!

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