New Feature: Open Page(s)!

Have requests?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Now you can post them here on the new

Paper and Pen

page.  Just look at the menu below the header picture, and click on the page.  You can post your comments and discuss the comments of others.  If the page gets too long, I’ll just add a new one.  Try it!  /Cousin Lynn

UPDATE: Not many taking advantage of this new feature yet, so I’m making it a ‘sticky’ post for a while. /CL

UPDATE 2: Some are confusing this announcement post with the post on the actual Pen and Paper page.  Unfortunately, the free version of WordPress does not allow me to move comments, so I am closing comments here.

To comment on the Pen and Paper page, go to that page (click on the Pen and Paper menu heading, below the picture of the studio at top), scroll down to the end of the Comments, and add yours.  Newest comments are always at the bottom.  /CL

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4 Responses to New Feature: Open Page(s)!

  1. Peter Manning says:

    What about Trailer Park Christmas? You usually play it

  2. Did you mean to post this on the Paper and Pen page? Whatever, if you are referring to the album Merry Christmas from the Trailer Park from Antsy McClain and the Trailer-Park Troubadours, I did intend to play a song or two from it, especially “Mary Lou’s Christmas List”; the answer is simply: I didn’t get to it. There were a bunch of songs I wanted (or intended) to play, but the time just got away from me. Sorry. Maybe next year. Or maybe I’ll play a couple next Saturday; it’ll still be Christmas season! /CL

  3. Gordy Brown says:

    For over 50 years, George Hamilton, IV has been singing real American country music around the world. He’s known as Country Music’s Embasador for the Grand Ole Opry. But because he started his musical career as A POP SINGER in the 50’s, he is one of many others you will not hear on WHRB’s Hillbilly At Harvard program. There are others if anyone is really interested in knowing who’s missing on the show.
    When he is on the Opry Program, he his son, Geo. Hamilton, V plays with him and is carrying on the traditional country style, so missing in to day’s so-called “country music”. Similarly, the Rocky Top Express now has Sonny Osborn’s two of three sons playing in his band and carrying on the tradition (NOTE: They use drums in their bluegrass band). You’ll hear them on this Boston show, but not Geo. Hamilton, IV.

    • Thanks Gordy for the comment. I guess it’s not clear that Paper and Pen comments should go there, not on this post. I’ll copy it over there, but it’ll look like a comment from me. Oh well.

      Gordy’s comment now here.

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