Don’t Clap—Throw Money (or Rather, Buy Time!)

Jeff Boudreau submitted this to the Country Calendar page, but it’s better off here:

Let us all take a moment to thank Cousin Lynn and all his brothers and sisters who produce and host programs in independent college radio!

World College Radio Day was founded in 2012 as a response to the phenomenal international interest in College Radio Day, which began in the USA in 2011 (in the USA the event is still known as College Radio Day). Recognizing that student radio stations around the world wanted to unite for this annual event, Rob Quicke, Tiziana Cavallo and Guillermo Gaviria founded World College Radio Day to take the mission and unifying message of College Radio Day around the world.

New England in general, and the greater Boston area in particular, are very fortunate to have so many independent college radio stations. . .

Continued at

Now I must admit I had never heard of ‘College Radio Day’, but why not?  There is Nurses’ Day, and Secretaries’ Day, and even National Tomato Day, so why not one for College Radio?

You should know, however, that WHRB is a little different from most college stations.  While it is staffed by Harvard undergraduates, and has close ties with the University, it has its own corporate identity (Harvard Radio Broadcasting, Inc.).  And while it is a non-profit corporation, it is supported largely by advertising.  That is not to say that WHRB would not welcome donations, and occasionally receives them, but WHRB does not engage in on-air fund-raising (or ‘begathons’).  So it is important that listeners support the companies, institutions, and other groups that advertise on WHRB, and let them know when you do that you heard about them on WHRB.

If you have a business, remember that you too can advertise on WHRB.  Here is a promo I wrote some time ago for Hillbilly at Harvard:

Did you know that WHRB is a commercial station?  Yes, it’s a non-profit corporation, managed by Harvard undergraduates, but it supports itself in the good ol’ American way—by selling time.

I want to remind you that YOU can advertise on Hillbilly at Harvard–and on all the other great programming on WHRB: classical, jazz, rock, sports, news, and the fabulous semi-annual Orgy® periods.

But if you’re listening now, you know that Hillbilly at Harvard is something special, and has been for country and bluegrass fans in the Boston area since 1957.

And if you’re a listener, you know that country fans are loyal–to the music, to their families, to the businesses that support the music.

By advertising on Hillbilly at Harvard, you are telling other country and bluegrass fans that you are part of our unique community.  And they’ll remember it.

Why not give it a try?  To advertise your business on Hillbilly at Harvard, e-mail our Sales Department at:  Or call 617/495-WHRB, and ask for Sales.  That’s  Or 617/495-WHRB.

And stay hillbilly, hear!

Got to remember to read this now and then!  /CL



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3 Responses to Don’t Clap—Throw Money (or Rather, Buy Time!)

  1. notlobmusic says:

    When my car headlights need replacement I am going to purchase those Sylvania bulbs that allow one to see a deer from a mile away!

  2. And tell Sylvania you heard about them on WHRB! 🙂

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