Chuck McDermott & Wheatstraw Reunion! At Johnny D’s June 7th

Guest post by Larry Flint

Friday June 7th @7:30 pm
Chuck McDermott & Wheatstraw
Johnny D’s 17 Holland St.
Davis Sq. Somerville

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

As most of you already know, some forty years ago I began playing, singing, and writing with my friend John Lincoln Wright in the Sour Mash Boys, working in clubs like Jonathan Swift’s, the Paradise, the Lone Star Café (and many others too sordid to Wheatstraw fliermention!).

What some of you may not know is that during that same era, I was also playing, singing, and writing with my friend Chuck McDermott, who had a brilliant band called Wheatstraw that played the same clubs as the Sour Mash Boys, to much acclaim.

Chuck McDermott & Wheatstraw haven’t played together for many decades, but fortunately for all of us they are getting back together for a long-anticipated Reunion Concert at Johnny D’s in Davis Sq., Somerville, this Friday, June 7th, starting at 7:30 pm.
Besides Chuck McDermott singing his own songs and playing fantastic guitar, original bass player Charlie Irwin is coming in from Austin Texas, and piano player Jim Mentel is making the trip from out West as well.  Joining them are two other fine musicians that you know as current members of Larry Flint and the Road Scholars: longtime Wheatstraw drummer Kathy Burkly, and legendary guitarist Chuck Parrish, both of whom have played with nearly every band of mention in New England (and then some).  Yours truly will be sitting in with the band as well, but don’t let that keep you away!

This evening of exceptional music may never happen again, so do yourself a favor and catch up on a bit of New England music history, and better yet, make a reservation to eat a fine meal and ensure a great seat for the show!  We hope to see you there!

—Larry Flint

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6 Responses to Chuck McDermott & Wheatstraw Reunion! At Johnny D’s June 7th

  1. Jon Rowland says:

    I was a HUGE fan back in the day 1978 – Jonathan Swift’s era – still have a recording of the live album benefit for Joe Val event)……sadly, I think Rocky Stone died. BUT, I could not make it to the Reunion show (I REEEEEAALLY wanted to go but had a previous scheduled engagement I couldn’t get out of). I hope they do it again some day, but I hope someone filmed it for youtube.

    Jon Rowland

  2. Rick Wilkins says:

    I vaguely remember an old recording my father played me. I song called “i just can’t appreciate automobiles” which I believe was by this group. Anyone have info on it?

  3. sal,j,c says:

    hav whatstraw lp and its # 7474, does anyone know if its really worth 100s, i emailed a site and guy said he sold it many moons ago for 250.00 pls let me know thanks [email edited—comment here and I’ll forward any response. /CL]

  4. Steve Purcell says:

    One of the best lyrics of all time ( as best I remember….)
    “I’ve worked behind a shovel, I’ve worked behind a desk,
    I’ve worked behind a guitar and I liked the last the best”,,,,,,
    Thanks for your contribution, Chuck. Love to hear more.

    All the Best,
    Steve Purcell

  5. Hallowell says:

    The original bass player for Wheatstraw was a John Rabe and original drummer was Frank Hallowell. Tom Church ,original guitar with Chuck

  6. frank hallowell says:

    We all had a lot of fun, playing Boston bars and various places on the cape.We lived in a big house in Milford, Ma .and just had a great time together.

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