George Is Gone

George Jones, July 2011
Photo by Jennie L. Scott
(Copyright © Jennie L. Scott 2011)

Terrible news: George Jones has died at 81.

Here are links to a few obits:

Washington Post:

“George Jones, legend in country music, dies at 81”

Associated Press:

“George Jones, country superstar, has died at 81”


“George Jones dies at 81”

NY Times:

“George Jones, Admired and Copied Country Singer, Dies at 81”

An NBC producer and fan, Matthew Diebel, argues that George is (I guess we have to say ‘was’ now) the greatest pop singer on record!

“George Jones: The greatest American pop singer ever recorded”

Worth reading; also contains three videos and a slideshow.  Here’s one of the videos:

I think it was Steve Morse, then of The Boston Globe, who asked us what best defined the music on Hillbilly at Harvard.  “The Stanley Brothers,” Sinc and I answered, “and George Jones.”

What more can I say?/CL

UPDATE: From The New Yorker (hat tip $tevie at the MacResource Forum):


In this piece, Ian Crouch concludes:

. . . It’s barely after noon on the east coast, probably too early for a whiskey. But later, if you’ve got a moment, pour a couple of fingers and cue up some George. I’d start with one of his earliest hits, “Tender Years,” which was recorded in 1961 but may have been the best thing he ever did. George Jones outran and outlived his shadow for half a decade. He lived a long time. But his best songs are short. “Tender Years” runs at 2:28; you may want to set it on repeat.

“Tender Years” is fine, but there are so many others.  “The Window Up Above”?  “She’s Mine?”  “The Grand Tour”?  Supply your own.  The link to “Tender Years” in the article requires a log-in; this one doesn’t:

By the way, Comments are open.  Feel free to add some. /CL


Reflective picture of George on the home page of his website, and an email address for his wife Nancy and  the family:

This picture and an obituary with more links in USA Today:

George Jones, country superstar, dies

Entertainment on Today has a nice slideshow, and a link to a live TV performance of “White Lightning”:

George Jones, legendary country singer, dies at 81

The video clip is great fun; here it is:


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9 Responses to George Is Gone

  1. Rachel says:

    Thanks for all the George Jones clips and articles. Very nice.

    Good show on Saturday, but despite your coaching again and again they refused to speak into the microphone. I have enough trouble with Shelia not speaking into the microphone. Can you refuse to let people talk to us unless they are willing to be heard. And I would think this would be a very useful lesson to teach to folks who are either planning on performing in public or planning on doing PR for events. Microphone 101. I can hear you just fine, so it is not a banana in my ear. Signed, cranky in San Diego.

    • Thanks, Rachel. I think the problem with Molly and John was that there were two on the one mic, so they tended to move off. I thought Sheila was fine (except comments from the back of the room), but I’m listening on headphones, and may be hearing better than the listeners. Have to watch those levels—can’t have you cranky!

      For those who might have missed the show and are scratching their heads, Rachel is talking about the live segment with the terrific young artists, Molly Tuttle and John Mailander, anticipating their performances last night at the BBU Springfest, and this coming Tuesday at Outpost 186 in Cambridge (see the Country Calendar page). /CL

      • Rachel Kopel says:

        Well, thanks so much for responding. I did want to mention that when Molly and John were playing music the levels were FINE, came through just great. Which was why I couldnt understand why speech was not the same. BTW, I can easily tell when Shelia is speaking from across the room and expect the level to be lower. My problem is when she is sitting (?) at the mic promoting a concert or other event and I can still hardly hear her. Glad that she comes in to help out and provide the info.
        Enough of this. You are getting up early and doing a great radio show. I am tuning in at my leisure, from bed, and there is no further need to complain.
        Do you ever watch Music City Roots on the Interweb on Wednesday nights? They archive all of their xhows and last Wed with Della Mae, POKEY LAFARGE (his new clarinet player is a wonderkinde from right here in San Diego) and Peter Rowan was the best show EVER. (Nice clarinet solo on Walls of Time!!) They are doing jazz this week, so maybe not your taste, but there is rarely a week that I do not come away with yet another new band to follow. Thanks again for the great music. Signed Not as Cranky in San Diego.

      • Rachel: Blame me. I should have been riding level more. I didn’t know about Music City Roots. I’m hoping to get Della Mae on HAH in a few weeks. /CL

  2. Cousin Dave says:

    Sometimes it takes a while for a momentous event to sink in. George’s passing was news last week – but today I played back a bunch of these performances and just started blubbering! What a composed, ultimately professional performer – from back in the 60s all the way up to this year, always the same sweet guy, and never performing as if it was just another show – I’m just so glad we have so much recorded material to keep our memory of him alive!

    • Thanks Dave; I agree entirely. And thanks for bringing us back on-topic. /CL

      • Rachel Kopel says:

        Off topic was my fault. I could not find a way to send you a message except as a comment on your post. I have seen such wonderful clips of George Jones via Facebook these past few days. Always such a great sound. Thanks again guys.

      • That’s OK, Rachel. Did you lose my email address? It’s on the About page. But it’s good to get some discussion going about the show. Maybe I should create a Feedback page for comments, requests, complaints, etc. /CL

  3. notlobmusic says:

    George Jones’s funeral is 10 a.m. Thursday at the Grand Ole Opry House, 2804 Opryland Drive in Nashville. The service is open to the public. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that donations be made to the Opry Trust Fund, 2804 Opryland Drive, Nashville TN 37214, or to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, 222 Fifth Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37203

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