Live Show Tomorrow—But Short

UPDATE 3: Dr Janie and I were wondering: Would insurance pay for the Watertown guy’s boat, probably riddled with bullet holes?  Usually there’s an exclusion for ‘acts of war and terrorism’ or some such.  I say, let’s start a fund and buy the poor fellow a new boat!

UPDATE 2: Got the second Chechnian Islamist terrorist, wounded but alive.  Great work by the law-enforcement folks!

UPDATE: Looks like they got him—hiding in a boat on Franklin St., in Watertown.

If you haven’t heard, the governor and state police have lifted the ‘stay indoors’ request for Watertown, Cambridge, and Boston (as well as cities adjacent to Watertown), saying citizens could come and go as they wished, but should ‘be vigilant’.

The SOB has not been captured, and I assume that nightfall coming, can probably move about without being seen.  Unfortunately, I would expect an attempt to steal a car and/or food–unless he has a safe house in the area, which given the likely al Qaeda connection is not out of the realm of possibility.

In any event, I assume I’ll be able to get in without problems.  Just a reminder: HAH will end before 11 AM, to make room for another early Met.  /CL

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