Rex Trailer Honored at Tribute, Plus 60-Years-in-TV Video

Rex Trailer was a fixture in the lives of many children (and adults) in the Boston area.  I did not grow up in this part of the world, and so never heard of him until he showed up on Hillbilly at Harvard on a Saturday when I was out, probably at a son’s soccer game.  Ol’ Sinc, who grew up in Quincy and knew Rex’s “Boomtown” TV show well, interviewed Rex for perhaps an hour, and played songs from his then-new album.  Somewhere I have an aircheck copy of that show, though my vague recollection is that the signal at our house was terrible that day.

Last Tuesday there was a memorial celebration at Emerson College, where Rex taught after his retirement from active broadcasting.  Gordy Brown reports on the event and adds a link to a YouTube video about Rex’s career.  I suspect that if Rex had been born twenty years earlier, he would have become one of Hollywood’s screen cowboy stars, but by the ’60s when Rex came on the scene, the heroic western movie had gone out of fashion. /CL

Yesterday at the tribute for Rex in the Majestic Theater in Boston,I mentioned the 60th Ann. of the Indian Ranch show we did in 2006 and how Rex‘s appearance probably kept the country music going out there when Rock & Roll almost shut down the entertainment part of the camp ground back in ’59. 
I was honored to be on stage with Jack Williams, Jordan Rich, Frank Avruch, Vin DiBona, “Uncle Sam” Donato, “Denver Dave” Rich and others. Was introduced by Sgt. Billy O’Brien and spoke on the country music side of Rex. Then re-intro’ed Sgt. Billy and Band for a couple of songs with Jon Aldrich & Ernie Boch, Jr. part of the band that backed him up.

Tho’t you might enjoy this shortened version of a documentary on Rex’s life, made in 2008. – Gordy

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