Sue Thompson?

Steve Bartlett writes,

How about pairing Sue Thompson  with a Lizzie Cook song?

They sound similiar to me.

This is not strictly hillbilly, but I don’t think it is outside the scope of HAH:
“Big Mable Murphy”

More traditional:
“I Can’t Help It”

She also sounds a lot like Anita Carter on this one.

I agreed:

You’re right, they do sound alike.  Love the “Big Mable” video; good song, neat pictures (must have been a job finding them).  I could fit it in.  Don’t think we have any Sue Thompson at WHRB; I only vaguely recognize the name, but “Sad Movies” sure sounds familiar:

Steve says, “The little crosseyed guy with the mustache was Ben Turpin, a silent movie comedian.”  Steve’s mind is a storehouse of antique trivia.


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