Welcome HAH Listeners!

Welcome to the new HAH blog! I’ve been experimenting with Facebook and find it wanting, so am hoping this will be a more promising direction. Readers will be able to comment on posts, but comments will be moderated, if I can figure out how. I’m brand new to WordPress. Advice welcome! /Cousin Lynn

UPDATE: Comments are open.  You have to click on the headline or the word ‘Comment’ at the bottom of the post to get to the comments field.  To comment, you must enter a name (not necessarily your name, though real names are good) and a valid email address.  Comments will be moderated, and any without valid email addresses will not be published; the addresses will not appear.

UPDATE 2: Advertisements.  The free version of WordPress allows them to insert ads.  I have no control over them, but WP says they will never be unsuitable for a family blog.  If you actually register with WP (as opposed to just IDing a comment) apparently you will not encounter the ads.  You do not have to click on them, and doing so will not help me nor WHRB.  I could opt for ads that would pay a few pennies, but not now.


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5 Responses to Welcome HAH Listeners!

  1. Rod says:

    Hurray! Best of luck with this!

  2. Rachel Kopel says:

    We have all found FB wanting, but it is currently the major game in town, although mostly for us older folks. I wanted to say that I am still listening out here in San Diego, although I usually miss the first hour. Have picked up some new music to watch/listen to on YouTube, and enjoy the Cambridge references. More cowbell.

  3. lgpiper says:

    Hey Cousin Lynn, I’ve been a fan of HAH since the days of Ol’ Sinc when you had regular visits from Lincoln. Y’all keep me company one Saturday of each month as I drive out Rt 2 to visit my 104-year old mother. Sadly, your signal craps out about Leominster and I’m stuck with Bear Country the rest of the way. Is it just me, or has country music gone seriously down hill in the past 20 years? I’m beginning to subvert my spouse to the extent that she lets me tune you guys in even when I’m not in the car. Yay!

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