Uh-oh! Short Shows for Next Two Months!

NOTICE: Short shows coming up! The Metropolitan Opry is starting early this Saturday and on several others over the next couple of months. This Saturday (March 9th) it starts at 11 AM, which means HAH will end 15 minutes before that (!), in order to make room for the Met Prelude. Alert all listeners to get up early.  Just one big hour and 45 tiny minutes.  The next three Saturdays are better, though; then we’re back to an 11 AM Met on April 13th.

Remember to set your alarums and get up early!  Here is the Met schedule:

March 9 DON CARLO (Verdi) 11:00
March 16 FRANCESCA DA RIMINI… (Zandonai) 12:00
March 23 LA FORZA DEL DESTINO (Verdi) (archival performance from March 12, 1977) 1:00
March 30 LA TRAVIATA (Verdi) 12:30
April 6 DAS RHEINGOLD (Wagner) 1:00
April 13 DIE WALKÜRE (Wagner) 11:00
April 20 SIEGFRIED (Wagner) 11:00
April 27 GIULIO CESARE (Handel)  12:00
May 11 GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG (Wagner) 11:00

Remember, forewarned is forearmed—but who needs four arms?

/Cousin Lynn

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5 Responses to Uh-oh! Short Shows for Next Two Months!

  1. Lynn, Blogs are the way to go. Facebook for me is a kind of Groucho’s Club affair. Have you considered an RSS feed for new posts? best, Mike

  2. cousinlynn says:

    Howdy Mike— Will look into ‘feeds’ at some point; just getting my feet wet. Never heard of [the] Groucho[‘s] Club; is this what you mean? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groucho_Club

    Agree, though; FB leaves too much to the winds and whims of the crowd. I prefer being in control. /CL

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  4. RSS feed is now enabled (I think). See below, bottom of page. /CL

  5. Hah! It took over a year, but I finally got Mike’s reference to “a kind of Groucho’s Club affair.”
    Said Groucho: “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”

    In case anyone should check up on this old post. . .

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